Travel Teams/Invitationals

Travel Teams

Our softball club has had softball players traveling to tournaments for almost 20 years. I can’t say with any certainty where or when the 1st tournament was, but personally, I know it dates back to 2006 when I was involved. At that time, I was still a part-time resident and remember competing in an ASA tournament in Dalton, Georgia where we sent two different teams. Over the years the softball club has evolved successfully. Since those early years and up to the present, our club recognizes the importance of travel ball, and for good reason.

We wear our Sun City Hilton Head uniforms proudly and become “goodwill ambassadors” for our Softball Club, wherever we compete. While on the road, other teams want to know how we, as a single community, can field a competitive team with limited access. We routinely compete against teams that can draw players from their entire state and often from surrounding states if they’re looking for better players or position players. We have played against teams from as far north as Canada. There’s no question, travel ball at this level is very competitive and challenging.

It’s not always the case that our travel teams have the best Sun City players, some chose not to play for various reasons. But, we’re always on the lookout for better players that will make the commitment and are willing to travel. It’s a different venue when traveling because we compete to win tournaments and build camaraderie amongst team players. Tournaments are a higher level of play, and we have some of the better players from Sun City up for that challenge.

For those of you not familiar with tournaments: When playing travel ball there are many levels and brackets. The Travel Team back in 2009 competed in Manassas, VA, and entered the 55-year-old bracket and won it all. There’s much history with the Travel Teams over the years and many players have moved up to the older brackets only to be replaced by younger players moving into Sun City. More recently and with younger players, the club (2022-2023) has sponsored a men’s 60 AA and 70 majors team.

The Softball Club financially supports travel teams with an entry registration fee that goes directly to the ISSA (International Senior Softball Association). All other expenses come from the players themselves. The Sun City travel players will spend their own monies upwards of $300 and sometimes over $500 for travel, lodging, restaurants, and buying their own bats. The ISSA is just one organization that holds tournaments throughout the United States.

For the last few years, we have been entering tournaments in Tampa, FL, and Myrtle Beach. Our Sun City Travel Teams over the years have had much success getting to and winning in the finals.

NOTE: As a club member – Anyone wanting to try out for the travel team is welcome to contact the managers listed within each team’s link below.


There are also non-league groups that get together to reserve field time for play. Currently there is one group that has requested their own page on the SCSC Website: