Sun City 65’s AAA

Manager: Rod Norris

The Team Myrtle Travel Team persevered through some tough conditions last week in Myrtle Beach. The lower temperatures many experienced here were just one of the obstacles we had to overcome upstate.   The fields were a disappointment. They made our home fields look like a professional ballpark!

The 1st day (Tuesday) of the tournament has seating games, where all teams compete. The seating games determine what time and who you’ll play the next day. Team Myrtle won both seating games yet were seated #2 because there were more runs scored against us than seed #1. The following day (Wednesday) we lost our 1st game to a good team from Detroit (Sidelines). Can’t say we got beat up but they beat us handily 21-12.  Once you lose a game, you’re then in the loser’s bracket and can’t lose again or you’re eliminated. With that said, we needed to beat a team from North Carolina or go home.  We started a bit slow but in the end we did what we had to do late Wednesday, in order to get to the 3rd day. We beat Lou’s Royals 20-14 with many clutch hits. We sent them packing.

Losing the coin toss early on the 3rd day (Thursday) to the team that beat us the day before, wasn’t what we needed. Again we started slow against that Detroit team (Sidelines) but we got ahead and stayed that way beating them 12-5 with great defense and some good hitting.  All this time, the #1 seed was waiting for us and yes the local Myrtle Beach team put it to us and kept the pedal to the medal winning the tournament.

Hats off to a good bunch of guys making the trip and doing Sun City proud.

Mike Coriale - Rod Norris - Tom DaParma - Steve Murray - Mark Lubowsky - Lou Fasano - John Hansen - Don Scofield - Butch Talbot - Gary Niarchos - Paul Roth - Jack Schultz - Jim Foley - Bob Black - Fitz Harding - Doug Baker - Steve Opitz - Jim Goggin - Ed Esswein - John Costibile