Field View

See the Field View FAQ (updated 5/11/24)

News & Notes

  • The YouTube score box displayed has been discontinued until next season. Volunteers to manage scoring games for next season will be solicited. Training will be available.
  • The YouTube feed itself will be spotty or non-existant during this offseason.

Please report issues, or make suggestions, by using the “Email Webmaster” button at the bottom bottom of every page.

Tips & Tricks

  • When you go to the live feed look at the date and time in the upper right-hand corner. You may be watching the feed from earlier. Bring up the timeline bar at the bottom of the screen and advance it to the right until it says “Live”.

  • If the video quality seems poor, hit the settings gear and set the ‘Quality’ to 1080p or higher.

  • Watching the feed on a Smart TV that has a YouTube app is a great way to view the field live stream. You’ll need to use the “Subscribe to Channel” method but it’s worth the effort.

  • Occassionally a feed is interrupted. You will sometimes see videos names “xxxxxxx xx, xxx (Part x)” when a day has been divided into multiple videos

YouTube Live-Stream Viewing Instructions

Click here to go to the club’s YouTube Channel. You can also go to the YouTube Channel by clicking the “YouTube” button on the bottom of every website page.

If a live view is currently streaming you can see it from there. You can also watch previous videos and subscribe to the channel from there (recommended).

Alternative Method to Subscribe to the Channel

  • If you do not have a YouTube account, you need to create one (it’s free). You may need to create a Google account first (also free).
  • Once logged into YouTube, Search for “Sun City Hilton Head Softball”
  • In the results find our logo followed by “Sun HH City Softball”
  • Click it (yes HH is in the wrong place, may fix that at a later date)
  • Hit Subscribe in the upper right-hand corner
  • You can now find the live feed and archived footage by clicking your “Subscriptions”

Use the email button at he bottom of any page for problems, questions, or comments. You may not receive an individual response but your email will be read.The YouTube score box has